We believe Virtual Reality has the power to help people move and perform better.

INCISIV CEO assisting with Stoke City Player
our mission

Enhancing performance through the power of gameplay

INCISIV, founded by Professor Cathy Craig, a world-leading researcher in movement science, is a pioneering VR company focused on using VR to help humans perform better.

our vision

Making elite training tools accessible to all, everywhere

Virtual Reality training tools that ensure well-being and boost athletic performance, shouldn't be reserved for the elite level. We're creating technologies playable on affordable headsets, catering to both professionals and amateurs.

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Who are INCISIV.


Our Team.

Cathy Craig

Professor Cathy Craig

Co Founder & CEO

Recognised go-to global expert in using VR to study decision-making in sport. Responsible for all aspects of product design and innovation.

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Adrien Kissenpfennig

Dr Adrien Kissenpfennig

Co Founder & COO

Oversees all operational aspects of the business. Responsible for product development, test and quality assurance.

James Stafford

Dr James Stafford

Business Development Lead

Oversees all business development aspects of INCISIV. Responsible for sales, marketing and customer support.

Kevin O'Shea

Kevin O'Shea

Senior Software Developer

Responsible for development of high-quality, immersive virtual reality applications and identifying and resolving complex technical challenges.

Liam Bailey

Liam Bailey

3D Generalist

Responsible for the creation of 3D environments, realistic animations, and graphics.

Thomas Kane

Thomas Kane

Software Developer

Responsible for supporting various aspects of VR development, including game functionality, coding, and quality assurance.

Our Story.

Our journey began in the year 2000, as our CEO became one of the first academics to harness VR in recreating match scenarios. “I explored the power of free-kicks in football, the way David Beckham would bend the ball and how goalkeepers would react,” she recalls.

Fueled by a desire to get two decades of continued research out of the lab and onto the pitch, INCISIV was officially founded in 2018. A virtual reality company determined to revolutionize athletic performance. Our mission is to bridge the gap between deep research insights and practical applications, culminating in the creation of two landmark products - MOViR, a groundbreaking neural assessment tool used for injury management and CleanSheet, the most realistic goalkeeping training tool to ever exist.

Through gameplay, our technology enhances skills, sharpens decision-making, and propels athletes toward peak performance. As we reflect on our journey, from digitizing professional footballers to reshaping concussion assessment, we take pride in the impact we've made on the sports landscape. Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, using virtual reality to unlock the full potential of every athlete, both on and off the field.

Goalkeeper playing CleanSheet
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Backed By Science

Over two decades of research has helped us understand how to make world-leading VR applications that transfer to real life performance.

80+ published articles and research in journals
Covered by Global Media

People are using our technologies worldwide


Active Players

CleanSheet is one of the world's most popular soccer apps since launching on the Meta Quest Store.


Professional Players

Our Neural Fitness Assessment tool MOViR has data of over 500 professional players.


Professional Teams

Our technology is trusted by 12 professional sports organizations across multiple sports.

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