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Our Team.

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Professor Cathy Craig

Co Founder & CEO

Recognised go-to global expert in using VR to study decision-making in sport. Responsible for all aspects of product design and innovation.

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Dr Adrien Kissenpfennig

Co Founder & COO

Oversees all operational aspects of the business. Responsible for product development, test and quality assurance.

Charlie Lloyd-Buckingham

Lead Developer

Responsible for all aspects of VR development including game functionality, code, identifying bottlenecks, and ensuring the quality of the finished product.

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Dr James Stafford

Business Development Lead

Oversees all business development aspects of INCISIV. Responsible for sales, marketing and customer support.

Dr Hannah Masoner

North American Sports Technology Specialist

Oversees the introduction of INCISIV's products into the North American market. Responsible for selling and onboarding organizations.

Thomas Gilpin

3D Generalist

Responsible for creating realistic, interactable virtual environments.

Kevin O'Shea

Senior Software Developer

Responsible for development of high-quality, immersive virtual reality applications and identifying and resolving complex technical challenges.

Joseph McKinney

Software Developer

Responsible for supporting various aspects of VR development, including game functionality, coding, and quality assurance.


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