Rugby inspired me to combine VR with neural scans

Friday, December 17, 2021
James Stafford

'If Cathy Craig’s teammates had just passed her the ball, she may never have become an entrepreneur. During her rugby playing days, she was able to spot split second lapses and fleeting weaknesses in opponents’ defensive lines that no one else could. Feints, forays and fast-twitch movements would end in frustration. “It was very difficult explaining it to my forwards,” she says. “They couldn’t seethe gaps that exist only for a moment.”

Pick up a copy of Wired Magazine today to find out how INCISIV are revolutionizing the treatment of head injuries in sport, particularly how our we are taking away the guesswork in return-to-play decisions.

“We create tasks in the VR space which can accurately measure a player’s response in movement and time”. “Every brain injury is like a fingerprint: it’s individual. With VR-HiT, it’s much more precise in measuring any disruption to the communication between nerve cells. And it’s not tied to a lab – we’ve tested a hockey team in their own locker room.”

December 17, 2021
January 25, 2022

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